Videos and Virtual Reality

18 08 2016

Craig from the Student Inc. programme, a student entrepreneur development programme taking place over the summer months in the Rubicon centre, spoke to the enterprise camp today to talk about his new business.  Craig has spent recent months developing his company that is now focusing on developing content for tours in virtual reality.

Alex Musgrave from Dog Day Media gave an uplifting and inspiring talk to the groups about his journey into entrepreneurship, from an enthusiastic teenager to a business owner employing a full team of professionals.




Dog Day Media

20 08 2014

Alex Musgrave from Dog Day Media welcomed the teenagers to camp today with an uplifting talk on his many ventures as an enthusiastic teen entrepreneur.  All of his experiences along the way offered many valuable lessons and helped to develop his entrepreneurial skills, whether a failed venture or not!!

After the initial motivational chat about the merits of being an entrepreneur, Alex showcased a number of their modern and fun videos from their impressive list of clients.

I think there are a few more people interested in the world of multimedia after the morning.