All the hard work paid off!!

19 08 2016

The lead up to lunch break involved cleverly prepared videos, artistic sketching and dedicated groups working in to their break to perfect their final presentations for their business idea.  Each of the five groups went to present in front of a panel of judges to get some valuable feedback on their business ideas.  The judging panel was made up of Brian Mcgrath, Head of the school of Business in CIT, Gerard O Donovan, Head of Faculty of Business and Humanities in CIT, Dr Noel Murray, Lecturer Marketing & International Business and Claire O Regan, Branch Manager of the Bank of Ireland CIT Branch.

Once the business pitches were over the participants received their certificates for successfully completing the enterprise camp for the week.  Dr Brendan Murphy, President of CIT congratulated the participants on their ideas and presented the certificates.



Going Digital

17 08 2016

The camp was lucky to have the expertise of Stephen Ryan, Head of Marketing for Corks Red FM to give them an overview of marketing and how important it is for business success.

Most aspects of the business depend on successful marketing.  Marketing is the process by which a product or service is introduced and promoted to potential customers and a number of examples were given to show this. Without marketing, the business may offer the best products or services in the industry, but potential customers would not know about it. Without marketing, sales may crash and companies may have to close.

Stephen has worked in marketing for a number of years and has great insight in to how that environment has evolved in recent years. The fact that today’s digital environment is now making it easier to sell to a global audience, it is more important than ever to have a presence online and communicate the business the brand through this digital environment.


Lists and lists of Ideas

16 08 2016

An inspiring idea generation session encouraged the groups to get thinking early on day 2 about what they would like to see in the market or what is already available but could be done better! It didn’t take long for the ideas to flow and by lunch break multiple pages were full of clever ideas.  Much diplomatic debating amongst the teams have resulted in their top ideas being chosen so they research their potential over the next few days.

It will be exciting to see the business ideas develop over the week and see them presented on the final day.

Creative and Chaotic Teamwork Challenge

15 08 2016

The group were taken on a long tour to check out the Rubicon centre, meeting a number of the busy entrepreneurs on the way, and the facilities on the CIT campus. Once the groups made their way back they were given some supplies, including one marshmallow and challenged to make a tall spaghetti tower!! A giant countdown clock looming over them helped to create a bit of last minute panic.

Pages of Ideas

18 08 2015

The idea generation session kicked off with a few exercises to get some ideas flowing……and flow they did!!

Pages of flip chart paper have been used and a long list of ideas have been stored.  It looks like it will be an exciting week full of creativity and innovation!!

Presentations and Photographs

22 08 2014

All good things must come to an end and today was the day.  A bunch of enthusiastic camp participants came in this morning to finish their business presentations in their groups.  After a bit of finishing and practicing, it was time to pitch their ideas to our judging panel.  The judges included experienced entrepreneur, Myles Murray of PMD Solutions, Sylvia Coakley, Bank of Ireland CIT branch manager, Orla Flynn, Vice President for External Affairs in CIT and Gerard O’Donovan, Head of Faculty of Business and Humanities in CIT.

All of the judges agreed that the ideas, the thought behind the ideas and the presentation styles were all of a very high standard.  Sylvia treated all to a free money box so they can start saving towards their successful future business venture!!

After the presentations the groups were awarded certificates for their participation in the camp over the week accompanied by ACE, CIT’s innovation robot.  After all of the hard work we feel the certificates and recognition of their hard work is well deserved and have no doubt that we will be seeing some of these entrepreneurial bunch around again to discuss the many options that await them.  We look forward to seeing some of them back around CIT and the Rubicon centre in the future.

Getting down to Work!

21 08 2014

After a session on getting to know their market and learning about the different methods of market research, the groups started analysing the markets for their own ideas. Learning about their competition,  their unique selling points and a pricing strategy allows the team to understand where to position themselves in the market to maximise their chances of success.

With a bit of insight in to importance of developing an on-line presence for the business, the groups thought about how they would communicate on-line and the best way to promote on these channels to appeal to their target market.

With all of the work that has been completed, all that’s left tomorrow is adding the final touches and practice, practice, practice before their final pitch.