Creative and Chaotic Teamwork Challenge

15 08 2016

The group were taken on a long tour to check out the Rubicon centre, meeting a number of the busy entrepreneurs on the way, and the facilities on the CIT campus. Once the groups made their way back they were given some supplies, including one marshmallow and challenged to make a tall spaghetti tower!! A giant countdown clock looming over them helped to create a bit of last minute panic.


Competition Winner!!

5 11 2013

A big thank you to all who submitted their feedback for our CIT Enterprise Camp competition.  We enjoyed reading all the comments on the most enjoyable aspects of the camp and the clever suggestions on how to make the camp even better in the future!

Shakil Rahman was our lucky winner with his submission that was obviously very well thought out.

Shakil popped in to us here in the Rubicon Centre in CIT to receive his cash prize from Breda Kenny, Enterprise Camp organiser and head of the Hincks Centre for Entrepreneurship Excellence.

2013-10-29 12.10.44

This was Shakil’s winning submission:

The CIT Enterprise Camp I participated in on the 19th-23rd of August was a unique, refreshing experience that has strengthened my interest in becoming an entrepreneur. Upon meeting young, enthusiastic student entrepreneurs who shared their personal experiences in the business and marketing world as well as the trials and tribulations they faced along the path they chose to follow. On the first day we received a warm welcome by members of the CIT Staff and were shown around the Rubicon Centre which would be our business incubation centre for the week.

We were put into groups of 4-5 where we got to know the people we would be working as a team with for the week. Our first task was creative and involved strong participation and teamwork in which each team successfully displayed. The challenge was to build the highest paper tower in a small amount of time using a limited amount of sheets of paper.

To finish off the day we were met by Paul Walsh and Alfie Keary who showed us how to get innovative and creative using computer code, in which we were able to create an instrument that could check pulse rate.  Throughout the week we were met by guest speakers, each from a wide variety of innovative businesses which each had their own back story, including the story of Alan and Valerie Kingston became “accidental entrepreneurs” of Ireland’s fasting growing Organic Dairy brand. A lot of the guest speakers interacted with us as eager entrepreneurs, putting great emphasis on the idea of being innovative. Alan Kingston himself said “innovation always requires you to go one step further”   stressing the idea that the customer is always right, to push the boundaries of imagination to stand out from potential competitors.

While each guest speaker was unique from the other I found some of the talks lacking an interaction between the speaker and the audience. The surprise trip to the National Maritime College Ireland was interesting and extremely fun, we got to see many facilities including the survival pool. The innovative tour of the campus finished with a simulator which mimicked harsh, difficult weather and atmospheric conditions one could face while navigating a ship in which we visited Sydney Port which was a very new experience which heightened the atmosphere of the week.

Whether making new friends, having lots of free food samples and meeting members of the Munster Rugby team such as Donnacha O’ Callaghan, Everyone including members of staff thoroughly enjoyed themselves. My only complaint would be the lack of interaction between some guest speakers and the participants of the Enterprise camp as well as the lack of rotation of groups. We were assigned groups at day 1 for project work and that was that, there was no rotations for small, creative, innovative projects which caused many people not to get to know each other as much as they would have liked.  All the creative, innovative thinking and teamwork paid off on Friday when we pitched our business ideas to a panel of 5 judges who listened attentively to each team’s presentations.

At the end of the day we were presented our certificates from visiting MEP, Mr Sean Kelly and the CIT President Brendan Murphy.

The week was extremely productive and with the hospitable atmosphere created by the members of staff and the team spirit. It was a memorable lifetime experience which I would strongly recommend to friends and classmates of my age group. -Shakil Rahman