Paper Towers, Spaghetti stacks and a Marshmallow!

17 08 2015

The first day of the CIT Enterprise camp finally arrived!!  What a busy day it was too…

Once the group got settled in it was time to give an overview of the programme, the centre and entrepreneurship in general.  Some motivational examples of young successful entrepreneurs set the tone for the week as we have no doubt there will be some successful stories out of this group in years to come.

After assigning the groups their team-mates for the week it was time for some team building activities.  Starting with the paper tower challenge, the groups started strong, working together to achieve the tallest tower.  A few light gusts of wind and tower repairs later the teams realised “it’s not as easy as you’d think”.

After some practice in teamwork and time management we moved on to the trickier Marshmallow challenge.  After the initial disappointment that they couldn’t tuck in to the marshmallow wore off they all got stuck in to build the tallest structure out of their supplies.  Each team did very well with their structure standing tall at one stage in the challenge, although some took a bit of a tumble before the end.  The winning team seemed content with their prize…..the bag of marshmallows!




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