Presentations and Photographs

22 08 2014

All good things must come to an end and today was the day.  A bunch of enthusiastic camp participants came in this morning to finish their business presentations in their groups.  After a bit of finishing and practicing, it was time to pitch their ideas to our judging panel.  The judges included experienced entrepreneur, Myles Murray of PMD Solutions, Sylvia Coakley, Bank of Ireland CIT branch manager, Orla Flynn, Vice President for External Affairs in CIT and Gerard O’Donovan, Head of Faculty of Business and Humanities in CIT.

All of the judges agreed that the ideas, the thought behind the ideas and the presentation styles were all of a very high standard.  Sylvia treated all to a free money box so they can start saving towards their successful future business venture!!

After the presentations the groups were awarded certificates for their participation in the camp over the week accompanied by ACE, CIT’s innovation robot.  After all of the hard work we feel the certificates and recognition of their hard work is well deserved and have no doubt that we will be seeing some of these entrepreneurial bunch around again to discuss the many options that await them.  We look forward to seeing some of them back around CIT and the Rubicon centre in the future.




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