Successful Student Entrepreneur

21 08 2013

Alex Musgrave from Dog Day Media visited the camp telling the story of his path to becoming an entrepreneur.  Alex explained how he  became interested in the concept of entrepreneurship early on in secondary school.  His first business venture started when he used wages from a summer job to buy camera equipment.  He filmed a few school events and then sold the DVDs to students and families.

He then went on to selling horse manure and fitting dog fences before he realised that the hobby that he had a passion for could be focused on more in order to create a viable business.

While studying full time in second year in college Alex looked for people with the other skills required to fulfil his vision of starting a multimedia company.

At the starting stages of the company Dog Day Media tried to come up with an idea that would get them noticed as modern, fun multimedia company.  The idea of the Ballymaloe Space project was born.  Alex said “all of our funding and hopes went in to this project being a success.  it was a lot of hard work but it paid off in the end”.  The morning after sending the ballymaloe relish in to space we had achieved attention from the majority of national media.

Alex finished by describing his plans for the future of his company “Our aim is to stay a fun company, we love playing around with our cameras, that’s where it all began.”




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